It's Sunday, But Monday's Comin'
Finding Faith for the Rest of the Week
Bill Bohline is the founding pastor of the 7,000-member Hosanna! Lutheran Church on the south edge of ...
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What an unusual book. Humor. Tragedy. Theology. Reality. But most of all, hope. Some people wonder if Christian faith really works. Here is the resounding ...
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Mondays Comin' Book CoverFor millions of churchgoers, Sunday is a zone unto itself. It is a time to go to a specialized building, to stand, to sit, to pray, to read a bit of Scripture, to give money, to listen, hopefully to encounter God in some way ... and then to go out to lunch.

Soon comes Monday, and then Tuesday and the other workdays—a very different kind of world. Memories of Sunday quickly fade. The God who was proclaimed in church as almighty, gracious, and nurturing seems not to be near at all. Or at least we don’t see him at work.

This is a book that erases that disconnect. It is about welcoming God to show up in the middle of life’s trials and stresses and hardships and questions. It is about letting the gospel transform us, not just inform us. It is about finding a faith that is real and personal, seven days a week.

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